Message Series

Date                                                Title                                                                                                                  Speaker

15th September 2019                     Who the Son sets free is free indeed                            Richard Feeney (Prison Fellowship)                   Download Now


8th September 2019                      The puzzle of “How does God speak to us?”                                         Howard McCormick                     Download Now


25th August 2019                          Jesus heals the demon possessed man                                                Ps Simon Schwartz                              Download Now


18th August 2019                        Who’s in your boat – Luke 8:22-25                                                            Ps Simon Schwartz                             Download Now


11th August 2019                          Overcomer Series Prt- 4 Fear                                                                  Ps Simon Schwartz                             Download Now


28th July 2019                           Overcomer Series Prt- 3   Labels                                                                 Ps Simon Schwartz                           Download Now


14th July  2019                         Overcomer Series Prt-2   Apathy                                                                  Ps Simon Schwartz                           Download Now


07th July  2019                         Overcomer Series Prt-1 Comparing                                                             Ps Simon Schwartz                            Download Now                                 


23rd June    2019                               Temptation of Jesus                                                                           Ps Simon Schwartz                      Download Now


9th June   2019                                        Pentecost                                                                                      Ps  Simon Schwartz                            Download Now

2nd June 2019                              Your Life is Youre Proof                                                                       Ps  Simon Schwartz                      Download Now

Heading Towards Easter

28 April 2019                               The road to Emmaus                                                                                  Corinne Schwartz                                                Download Now


21 April 2019                           Resurrection Sunday                                                                                        Ps Simon Schwartz                         Download Now


19 April 2019                          Whats so good about Good Friday                                                                  Ps Simon Schwartz                                          Download Now


14 April 2019                              Palm Sunday                                                                                                 Ps Simon Schwartz                      Download Now


07 April 2019                              Who was this Jesus who died on a cross                                                  Ps Simon Schwartz                   Download Now

Irresistable Christianity

Date                                                Title                                                                                                                  Speaker

31 March 2019                           The best is yet to come                    .                                                            Charles Lazaro                                                     Download Now              


24 March 2019                              Re-Focus for Exponential Growth                                                            Charles Lazaro                                                      Download Now


10 March 2019                               Irresistable Christianity                                                                               Charles Lazaro                                                      Download Now



Induction Address

Date                                                Title                                                                                                                  Speaker

3 March 2019                                                                                                                                                          Simon Schwartz + John Barclay                        Download Now



Confident Living For A Positive Future

Date                                                Title                                                                                                                  Speaker

24 February 2019                                                                                                                                                    Charles Lazaro                                                     Download Now



Wycliffe Bible Translators Visit

Date                                                Title                                                                                                                  Speaker

17 February 2019                                                                                                                                                    Gary Peterson                                                       Download Now



Conflict Of The Two Kingdoms

Date                                                Title                                                                                                                  Speaker

23 September 2018                      Fuzzy Understanding Of The Two Kingdoms                                        Charles Lazaro                                                      Download Now




Date                                                Title                                                                                                                  Speaker

8 July 2018                                      Messages to the first four churches (Rev 2)                                           Charles Lazaro                                                      Download Now


15 July 2018                                   Messages to the last three churches (Rev 3)                                           Charles Lazaro                                                     Download Now


22 July 2018                                   O What A Powerful Revelation – Part 1 (Rev 1 : 1 – 8)                             Charles Lazaro                                                    Download Now


29 July 2018                                   O What A Powerful Revelation – Part 2 (Rev  1 : 9 – 20)                         Charles Lazaro                                                    Download Now


12 August 2018                              A Closer Look For A Clearer Perspective                                                 Charles Lazaro                                                    Download Now


19 August 2018                              Into The Throneroom Of God (Rev 4)                                                         Charles Lazaro                                                    Download Now


26 August 2018                              Celebration Of The Lamb Of God (Rev 5)                                                 Charles Lazaro                                                    Download Now


9 September 2018                         Revelations When The Lamb Breaks Six Seals (Rev 6)                         Charles Lazaro                                                    Download Now


16 September 2018                         Get hung up on the 144,000 and miss the blessing!  (Rev 7)              Charles Lazaro                                                    Download Now